Are Seth Rogen's Ceramics Any Good?

We asked some legit ceramicists.
Emma Specter
Why Are You Doing That?

Fearless Fisherman Talk About Eating Fish Out of the Yarra

Melbourne's main river isn't exactly a clean food source.
Sam Nichols

For 12 Straight Years, These Three Dudes Have Recorded An NBA All-Star Rap Tribute

In 1989, Ultramagnetic MC's recorded a sprawling rap tribute to the NBA All-Star team. In 2006, three goofballs in Brooklyn did the same. They never stopped.
David Roth
lyrics of fury about kyle lowry

The Dudes Who Record A Rap Song For Every NBA All-Star Game Are Back

In 2006, three friends got together and recorded a rap song about every NBA All-Star. They're still at it 11 years later. Enjoy these Kyle Lowry lyrics of fury.
David Roth

What I Learned Growing up Rollerblading in the 2000s

"I love being on skates. I think everyone has an activity where they feel tranquil and at peace or whatever."
Robbie Pitts

A Midwestern Furry Convention Was Allegedly Attacked with Chlorine Gas This Weekend

The hotel where the cartoon animal lovers were staying had to be evacuated early Sunday morning after chlorine gas was found to be floating through the air.
Allie Conti

Cosplay Is Not Consent: Exploring the Dark Side of Adult Dress-Up

The cosplay scene has its fair share of problems, including more and more reported incidents of sexual harassment and assault. We talked to a cosplay enthusiast to remind you that women in costume still deserve respect.
Jess Linde
The VICE Guide to Uni Life

How Does It Feel: Melbourne University O-Week

Starting a new year of tertiary education has got to be a minefield of emotions. Here are some of them.
Karl Henkell and Heather Lighton
The Mexican Issue

Hello, I'm A Civil War Reenactor!

Bill Cross is a Civil War reenactor with a wide range of battles, ranks, and personae under his belt and the current treasurer of the Rowdy Pards “progressive, campaign living history society.”
Jesse Pearson
The Girls Issue

Craft Time

"Tina" (aka crystal meth, aka "ice," aka "crushing paranoia and pain powder") has been making a huge comeback in New York lately-and not just with its usual audience of glitter-faced club-kid homosexual people.
Judi Rosen