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Sea Crime

Satellites Are Zeroing in on Poachers and Traffickers in the ‘Outlaw Ocean’

Some vessels use ocean rendezvous to exchange contraband, and even captive crew. But big data tools are finding new ways to track these activities from outer space.
Becky Ferreira
Au News

Popular Bali Orphanage Accused of Being a Tourist Scam

Former employees at Jodie O'Shea House allege only six actual orphans live there.
Katherine Gillespie

Inside a Pitstop for Migrants Heading to the US

We traveled to a nearly inaccessible spot in the Sonora desert where organized crime groups detain people on their way to North America.
Daniel Ojeda
collage art

[NSFW] Raunchy Collages Merge Politics and Porn

Artist Jacqueline Mak takes on consumerism, body politics, and eroticism with humor and pin-up girls.
Sami Emory

The War on Human Trafficking Looks a Lot Like the War on Sex Work

Advocates say vice squads around the country are still targeting sex workers despite an infusion of federal cash and hyped plans to stamp out trafficking.
Sonja Sharp

What Happens When Your Friends Get Abducted and Sold into Marriage

We spoke to the filmmaker behind a new documentary about the abduction and sale of women as brides in China.
Jules Suzdaltsev
VICE Long Reads

What It's Like to Be Trafficked and Forced into Modern Slavery

"K," a Hungarian man in his mid-30s, was taken to the UK and forced into slavery before escaping and going undercover to help others do the same.
Michael Segalov

Human Trafficking Prevention Month Is Over, But Now What?

Modern-day slavery is still the third largest international crime industry. We spoke to three organizations fighting trafficking about what we can do to help eradicate it.
Tammy Danan

How One of Britain's Most Notorious Drug Smugglers Became a Best-Selling Author

We talked to Howard Marks about the adrenaline rush of trafficking, the spiritual potential of ecstasy, and coming to terms with his cancer diagnosis.
Harry Sword

We Asked Some Refugees for the Stories Behind Their Smartphone Backgrounds

"I used the phone's GPS to navigate the boat to Greece. Only during the day, though. At night, the police could see the light."
Grey Hutton, text by Barbara Dabrowska and Yahya A
The Road to Nowhere Issue

A Woman on Death Row and the Neighbor Who Put Her There

Mary Jane Veloso lives about 300 feet away from Maria Cristina Sergio in the Philippines. Veloso is on death row for allegedly smuggling heroin into the country. Sergio is in jail and awaiting trial after being accused of trafficking her neighbor.
Meredith Talusan

Spain's Sex Supermarket

In Spain, sex work laws are vague, and they've created a culture where demand for sex is at an all-time high. We examine a cross-section of the industry to understand what sex work is like for those who choose it and those who don't.