Puerto Rico

A Deadly Hurricane Can't Stop Puerto Ricans from Partying

While many residents still lack power or running water, the nightlife in San Juan is keeping spirits up.
Victoria Leandra Hernández
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The Hurricane Footage These 'Storm Chasers' Took Will Make Your Palms Sweat

The duo claims they're doing a "public service" by filming themselves wading around in flooded casinos and parking garages during the worst of Hurricane Nate.
Drew Schwartz

'We Lost Everything': Firsthand Accounts of Harvey's Wrath in Texas

This is what it's like to be at the center of one of the worst rainstorms in US history.
Allie Conti
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Searching for New Orleans' Dying Goth Scene at the Final Southern Gothic Festival

“New Orleans didn’t need goth clubs. It was a goth club. Being a city of freaks, we didn’t have any natural predators.”
Andrew Paul
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Hurricane Patricia, the Strongest Storm in Recorded History, Will Hit Mexico on Friday

The Category 5 hurricane could put 4 million Mexico residents in danger.
River Donaghey

Hurricane Katrina Was a Nightmare for Inmates in New Orleans

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, we revisited the horrific story of the inmates who were stuck in the hellish Orleans Parish Prison.
Michael Patrick Welch

MS MR on their Glitch Pop Fundamentals

“We’ll never get rid of the darkness and inner turmoil, but I think we’ve sort of turned that notion on its head.”
Kathryn Kyte

PREMIERE: Karin Park Teams up with Pandora Drive for "Hurricane"

True story: this song came about because Park kept hearing her neighbors making music through the walls.
Kim Taylor Bennett

The Recovery That Wasn't: Two Years Since Hurricane Sandy

VICE News spoke with those still suffering from the effects of the hurricane and investigated what's being done to bolster New York's coastal communities and protect the population from future storms.​
VICE Staff

I Went Tornado Chasing with a Bunch of Storm Enthusiasts

There was a moment while being blasted in the face by a 50 mph concoction of dust, manure, and hail that I thought to myself "enjoy this, you're on holiday."
Chris Boyd

Hurricane Sandy Turned These Photos Into Trippy Dreamscapes

I wish I could say "Hurricane Sandy developed this guy's film" or some such punched-up header, but as whimsically dreamy as these images are, that likely isn't the case.
Brian Anderson
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Burning Man Vs. Superstorm Sandy

Yes, a bunch of people who head out to the middle of a desert in Nevada every year to do a bunch of drugs, dress up like gay aliens, and light a bunch of shit on fire have formed what appears to be an extremely efficient charitable organization that...
Dan Glass