80s Wrestling Is Alive and Well in Montreal

We spoke to the Spandex gladiators of the WTA and ICW about the past, present, and future of wrestling in Quebec.


​From London to Los Angeles: How British Wrestling is Taking On the World

British wrestling spent a few decades wallowing in the wilderness, desperately trying to replicate the success of companies in America and Japan. That has all changed in the last five years, with the British scene currently experiencing an...


The British Wrestler

Our documentary about the raucous underground UK wrestling scene. We follow Grado, starry-eyed wrestling superfan turned semi-pro wrestler, as he gears up for the biggest night of his life: a title fight for Glasgow's hedonistic Insane Championship...


The British Wrestler

Grado finally gets his chance to show his worth against Red Lightning in the Championship Title Fight.


The British Wrestler

It's ICW kingpin, Mark Dallas' birthday and all the wrestlers are clubbing in costume.


The British Wrestler

Grado gives us a brief history of his roots and hardened ascent into wrestling. Then he prepares for his first Insane Championship Wrestling match against local champ Red Lightning.