In Celebration of the Female Monobrow

Credit to the women wearing monobrows with pride, when it’s so much more acceptable to pull and pluck.


How Ayn Rand Became Libertarians’ Sociopathic Pixie Dream Girl

Rand's largest talent lies not in her status as the mother of Objectivism, but her ability to play the Cool Girl in the minds of men whose view of women is colored by both desire and revulsion.


In Defense of Ayn Rand, Monster Under the Progressive Bed

The posthumous release of a new novel by Ayn Rand has sparked familiar—and tired—liberal criticisms of Objectivism's grande dame.


My Eating Disorder Had Nothing to Do with Barbie or the Media

A lot of people with an eating disorder will find the idea that it's caused by Barbies or supermodels insulting and patronizing. It's a mental illness, not a bad case of vanity.


Charlotte Delarue Is The Feminine Ideal...

The French edition of Vice shares an office with a “creative company” called Surface to Air. One good thing about them is that they employ the most beautiful, feminine creature ever to walk the earth.