Cops Arrested a Black Hospital Patient Who Was Taking a Walk Outside with an IV. They Thought He Was Stealing It.

"Come to Freeport on Vacation and leave on Probation" his Facebook post said
Emma Ockerman

Humanising Portraits of Mentally Ill Inmates at Cook County Jail

The jail has become the largest mental health care provider in the US.
Miss Rosen

This Story of an Elevator Plummeting 84 Floors Is an Absolute Nightmare

Thankfully, everyone managed to escape the thing unscathed.
River Donaghey
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Bruno the Incredibly Extra Cat Has Finally Found a Home

He now has a new mom, Instagram account, and feather wand toy (since it's the only thing he'll play with).
Drew Schwartz
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A Teen Allegedly Stole a Bulldozer and Crushed a Cop Car Like a Beer Can

Newly released dash-cam footage shows cops chasing the 20-ton dozer on foot before leaping onto it, grabbing the culprit, and chucking him to the ground.
Drew Schwartz
50 states of art

Why an LA Artist Turned an Abandoned Taco Bell into a Midwestern Art Exhibit | #50StatesofArt

Think mas.
Sean N
50 states of art

Essay: Priced Out of New York, an Artist Finds Her Midwestern Tribe | #50StatesofArt

Fontaine Capel on her migration from Brooklyn to Chicago in search of space, community, and the funds to maintain a studio practice.
Fontaine Capel
50 states of art

Chicago’s 2nd Floor Rear Festival Celebrates DIY Art Spaces of All Kinds | #50StatesofArt

The annual art festival brings the crowd out to experimental venues, indoors and outdoors.
Masha (Maria) Koblyakova
50 states of art

Why Is This Tiny Illinois Town Obsessed with Superman? | #50StatesofArt

Metropolis, IL leans into its real-life heritage as The Man of Steel's fictional hometown.
Sean Neumann
50 states of art

From Brunch to Bike Jousting, This Chicago Gallery Does Whatever it Takes to Sell Art | #50StatesofArt

Opened by two art school grads, TCC Chicago is a gallery and art store focused on up-and-coming creators.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Was an Innocent Man Sent to Prison for Killing a Cop 46 Years Ago?

Cleve Heidelberg says his only mistake on a fateful night in 1970 was lending his car to a cop killer. Forty-six years later, he's still in prison.
Charlotte Silver

David 'Rock' Nelson Has Been Creating Monster Movies in His Backyard for 25 Years

On this episode of 'OUTSIDER,' we head out on a road trip with Nelson to learn more about his life-long fascination with horror films.
VICE Staff