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Meet the Teenage Girl Who Led Thousands in Protest Against Sweden’s Deportation of Afghan Refugees

The deportations haven’t stopped, but 18-year-old Fatemeh Khavari made Sweden pay attention to their struggle.
Fatemeh Khavari
3 hours ago
Australia Today

Fishermen Catch Asylum Seekers, Offer Them a Beer and Take Them to the Cops

They will be "deported from our country at the first available opportunity," said Peter Dutton.
Gavin Butler
Australia's Day

Migrants Missing in Crocodile-Infested Mangroves After Boat Runs Aground

They could be the first refugees to have made landfall in Australia since 2014.
Gavin Butler

Here's how many immigrant children still haven't been reunited with their parents

Almost a third of all the children separated at the border still haven’t been reunited with their parents.
Allison McCann
Belle Cushing
Australia Today

Australia’s Migration Intake Has Hit a 10 Year Low

Peter Dutton has slashed 21,000 places from the annual intake, in an attempt to make sure we’re “getting the best possible migrants”.
Wendy Syfret

A Judge Ordered Trump to Reunite Migrant Families, but the Crisis Continues

The backlash to Trump's family separation policy is continuing in courts, along the border, and even in a conservative Texas county.
Meredith Hoffman

Jogger Detained by US for Two Weeks After Accidentally Crossing Canadian Border

Cedella Roman, 19, was jogging along a White Rock beach near her mom’s home when US border guards apprehended her.
Sarah Berman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Melania Wore a Wildly Insensitive Jacket on Visit to a Border Detention Centre

If you're going to travel to see detained children, maybe don't wear an outfit that literally says "I really don't care."
Eve Peyser

Trump Just Signed an Executive Order to Stop His Own Policy on Family Separation

It's unclear whether the order will stop the "zero tolerance" policy, or where these families will be placed.
Alex Thompson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Wikipedia Added US Border 'Detention Centres' to Its List of Concentration Camps

Alongside Dachau and Japanese internment camps.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Is What Terrified Migrant Kids Separated from Their Parents Sound Like

On a recording obtained by ProPublica, a Border Patrol agent jokes about the "orchestra" of sound from screaming and crying children.
Lauren Messman
Australia Today

Australia Wants to Help Turn Manus Island Into a Tourist Hotspot

White sandy beaches, friendly locals, offshore detention centres.
Maddison Connaughton