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Inspiration, Emulation, and Diversification at the 2016 Game Developers Conference

The annual event in San Francisco is less about the games on show, more the people who are making them.


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The new VR game casts you as the lone survivor of a catastrophic space station accident.


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Strange things do happen in America's national parks, which is why Campo Santo's new game is so full of dread.


I Never Made a Video Game Until I Tried to Create One in 48 Hours

I don't make video games—I play them. And yet at the end of January I found myself on a game jam team that had to build an original game from scratch in just 48 hours.


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Jonathan Blow's comeback is a magical achievement that has little to do with video gaming precedent.


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‘The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human’ Is a Cool Game That Raises the Hot Topic of Climate Change

Swedish indie studio YCJY's new title is an underwater Metroidvania set long after the seas have consumed our way of living.