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A Town in Mongolia Was Quarantined After a Couple Died of Plague From Eating Raw Squirrel Meat

Having caused close to 50,000 human cases during the last two decades, plague is now categorised as a re-emerging disease.
Shamani Joshi
butt stuff

How Dirty Is Going Ass to Mouth?

Eating your own poop is shockingly not that bad for you.
Christine Ro
rat lungworm disease

Why an Australian Man Died Eight Years After Eating a Slug

Sam Ballard of Sydney, Australia died last week from a rare parasitic infection called rat lungworm disease.
Sarah Emerson
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

This Woman Is Exploring Deep Caves to Find Ancient Antibiotic Resistance

"Hazel’s like the Lara Croft of microbiology.”
Shayla Love
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The Sockless Boat Shoe Trend Has Caused Some Kind of Foot Fungus Epidemic

Lol God hates us.
Issy Beech

FR Xavier Duportet Made a Robot from DNA and Proteins

The WHO says by 2050 ultra-resistant bacteria will be the leading cause of death. French scientist Xavier Duportet may have found the solution.
Nathalie Lagerfield

What Life Was Like on the Ground During the Ebola Crisis

We spoke with correspondent Danny Gold about the psychological effects of reporting on a deadly epidemic, and if the world will be better prepared for the next one.
Dory Carr-Harris

How Australia Ignores Female HIV Patients

Pregnancy, family, menopause, and double standards around gender make living with HIV a very different battle for women.
Chelsea McIver

Our Most Potent Antibiotics No Longer Work

A drug called colostin used to be our last line of defense. But researchers have found bacteria in China that's colistin-resistant, and they're certain it will spread.
Julian Morgans
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Guy's Headache Turned Out to be a Deadly Worm Lodged in His Brain

If the doctors had waited another 30 minutes to perform emergency surgery, he probably would've died.
Michael Cuby

Artist Collages Digital Still Lifes Inspired by Evolutionary Processes

Mathias Vef's "digital ecosystems" are ripe with the overgrowth and infestation of visual culture.
Becky Chung
Here Be Dragons

Could Being Middle Class Kill You?

Working-class people may skip the odd vaccine, but it takes middle-class Californians to be so colossally moronic as to throw measles parties.
Martin Robbins