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If You See This Fish That Can Breathe on Land, Kill It Immediately: Officials

The northern snakehead has now infested 15 states, and inspired two Syfy movies.


Florida Man Recounts Final Moments of the Roach That Died Inside His Ear

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If You Only Play One ‘Aliens’ Game Today, Make It ‘Infestation’

James Cameron's movie is 30 years old. Celebrate its awesomeness by playing the best Aliens game out there.


I Spent Months Battling Bedbugs and Years Trying to Get Them Out of My Head

I dealt with the grossest, most outrageous bed bug infestation you can imagine. But it was after I got rid of them that things really started spiraling out of control.


Chiggers and Salvation Somewhere in Alabama

My body was infested with chiggers and I had just pissed myself when I decided to get baptized.