Inside an Early 1900s Attempt to Catalogue all of the Information on Earth

The Mundaneum is more than an antiquated indexing system. It's an ahead-of-its-time testament to the power of information.


Whistleblower Exhibition Exposes Surveillance Age Vigilantes

A Danish exhibition showcases multimedia work about vigilantes like Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden.


"Fatherless" Collective Seeks Truth in an Alternative Facts Exhibit

The group showcases their own version of today’s information overload.


Want to Make More Money? Get Better at Memorizing Basic Facts

According to a new book, there's a correlation between how knowledgeable you are and your income and happiness.


Tom Delonge Quit Blink-182 to Expose the Truth About Aliens

“I can’t tour nine months out of the year with enough time to do the enormity of what I’m setting out to do.”


MIT Bookmaking Course Schools Kids in Renaissance Technologies

Students in MIT’s ‘Making Books: The Renaissance and Today’ build books from scratch, from making paper to constructing a printing press.


Stream Eliot Sumner's Debut Album 'Information'

Hinged on her love of the rigidity of Krautrock and motorik beats, this 25-year-old still can't help but inject her songs with a shot of pop.


PREMIERE: Eliot Sumner - "I Followed You Home"

And yes, this definitely has obsessive love stalker vibes to it.


Would You Trust Robots with Your Passport?

'Sensible Data' is a project by Martin Hertig that makes you a custom algorithmic passport—and leaks it, too.


The Quest to Build Australia’s First Indigenous Language Wikipedia

The academics behind "Nyungarpedia" are not only trying to build a new wiki, they're trying to create a database of knowledge that relies on oral tradition rather than Western-style sourcing.


Should Artists Be Able to Sell Their Facebook Passwords on eBay?

eBay may have taken down the auction for his Facebook password, but Nick Hugh Schmidt is keeping his dream alive.


Ten Monumental Tracks You Didn't Know Were Actually Remixes

Featuring Armand van Helden, LTJ Bukem, Carl Craig, MK, Netsky, Ricardo Villalobos, and tons more.