The Untold Story of 'The Mysterious', the Egyptian Man Who Survived the Titanic

Hamad Hassab was one of the few Arab-speakers onboard the Titanic, and the only Egyptian.
Yasmeen Saad
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Why Is There a Bag of Dirty Socks in the White House Press Room?

VICE investigates.
Drew Schwartz

Experts Now Believe MH370’s Pilot Was on a Suicide-Murder Mission

One disturbing piece of evidence finds Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah deviated slightly over Penang, his childhood home.
Julian Morgans
Australia Today

Victoria Police Officers Suspended Over Brutal Arrests Caught on CCTV

A disabled pensioner was repeated maced in the face, pinned, and struck with batons.
Maddison Connaughton

That Guy Who Stole a $1.6M Pot of Gold Doesn't Know Where His Money Is

Julio Nivelo managed to flee the States to Ecuador after the heist without getting caught—but now he says he has "nothing."
Drew Schwartz
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Cops Heard Adam Lanza Wanted to Kill at Sandy Hook Before Shooting, Docs Show

A trove of newly released files also suggests that the FBI and CIA may have interviewed Lanza years before the shooting.
Drew Schwartz
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Missing Journalist's Body Found After Bizarre Submarine Incident

Danish police have found part of Kim Wall's body near Copenhagen's coast after a local inventor admitted she died onboard his homemade vessel and that he "buried her at sea."
Drew Schwartz
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Rejected Teen Accused of Planting Bomb Under His Ex-Girlfriend's Bed

The 18-year-old allegedly loaded a pressure cooker with nuts, bolts, and makeshift gunpowder, but it failed to detonate.
Drew Schwartz

A Fake Historian Is Under Investigation for Possibly Exhuming Māori Skulls

Following a VICE report, Heritage New Zealand has launched an investigation into a man who claims Māori weren't original settlers.
Tess McClure
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This Dentist Filmed a Tooth Extraction on a Hoverboard, Prosecutors Say

He also allegedly committed Medicaid fraud by unnecessarily sedating patients with an IV.
Drew Schwartz
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Uber Will Make Results of an Internal Sexual Harassment Investigation Public

The company has been taking heat lately over complaints from former employees.
Allison Tierney
Broadly DK

Why Self-Screening for STIs Could Do More Harm than Good

A Broadly investigation has discovered at least two websites are exploiting a legal loophole to import questionable HIV and STI tests into New Zealand and Australia.
Michelle Duff