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Looks Like LA Will Host the Olympics in 2028

If the city still exists.
Drew Schwartz
Blown Olympic Dreams

The Morality Myth Behind the Modern Anti-Doping Movement

Drug testing in sports did not begin with the intent of creating a level playing field. Instead, early proponents believed sports doping was a "dangerous form of moral deception."
Aaron Gordon

How Gymnastics Is Trying To Take Over Parkour And Make It An Olympic Sport

This fight isn't merely about parkour. It's about who controls the new youth-centric sports that are the Olympics' future.
Aaron Gordon

What Actually Happens When a Trans Athlete Transitions

Fears of trans women taking over women’s sports simply doesn’t match up with the reality of the effects that transitioning and hormone replacement therapy have on an athlete’s body.
Katelyn Burns
International Olympic Committee

Official at Both FIFA and IOC Resigns From Soccer-Related Roles Amidst Bribery Claims

The DOJ has indicted or accepted guilty pleas from more than 40 people since it opened its investigation on FIFA in 2015. That tally could soon jump significantly.
Liam Daniel Pierce

With Nine Months to Go, PyeongChang Winter Olympics Faces Possible Room Shortage

The 2018 Winter Olympics bid promised a compact Games, but a lack of accomodations may force fans to stay far and wide.
Aaron Gordon

The Battle for Breaking on the Olympic Stage

Breaking will be included in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, but many breakers fear the dance form is being co-opted for ulterior motives.
Brendan Francis Yu

The Olympics' Biggest Problem Is Its Unwavering Belief That It Has The Duty To Exist

"Have you ever asked yourself why you really love the Olympic and Paralympic Games?"
Aaron Gordon

Budapest 2024 Bid All But Dead After Anti-Olympics Petition Gets 226,000 Signatures

NOlimpia's campaign argued that the billions of dollars pledged in the bid for the Olympics ought to go to other needs such as healthcare, education, rural infrastructure, housing, and poverty.
Aaron Gordon

Budapest's Bid to Host the Olympics Is Uniting the Rest of Hungary Against the Games

Budapest, one of three finalists to host the 2024 Summer Games, may be about to take themselves out of the running.
Aaron Gordon
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Loses "Triple Triple" After 2008 Olympic Relay Team Stripped of Gold for Doping Violation

Usain Bolt's relay teammate Nesta Carter just cost him his legendary "triple triple."
Patrick Sauer

Chill the Fuck Out, Doping Is Not That Big a Deal

The international sporting community is just as incapable of rationally discussing doping as they are at preventing it.
Aaron Gordon