Great Barrier Reef

This Underwater Robot Will ‘Squirt’ Coral Larvae onto the Great Barrier Reef to Save It

The LarvalBot is an experimental technology that could revive damaged and dying parts of the Great Barrier Reef.
Sarah Emerson

This Mother's Day, I Want My Wife to Feel Like a Mother, Too

Because I birthed our baby, society sees me as the "mum" and her as my "sidekick." But she's the mother I've always dreamed my son could have.
Laura Leigh Abby

Exhibition Mirrors Uncertain Future for United Kingdom

A collaborative arts project makes Brexit more relevant than ever.
Anna Marks

My Struggles with IVF: It's Not About Failure—It's About Hope

At 32, the last place I expected to find myself was in an operating room, conked out on anesthetic with a lubricated ultrasound probe and an egg-retrieval needle passed through my vagina. But here I am.
Kat Lister
Vice Blog

A New Documentary Explores What It's Like to Grow Up with Same-Sex Parents

For <i>The Gayby Project</i>, Australian filmmaker Maya Newell spent four years documentary the lives of children with same-sex parents.
Jack Callil

We Went to Today's London Protest Against Dolce & Gabbana's Gay Parenting Comments

LGBT Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell was there, as well as a red-faced Rod Liddle, who suggested most fashion designers are fascists.
Daisy Jones

The British Sperm Crisis

Not enough British men are depositing their loads in sperm banks, so we asked London men why so many of their countrymen are reluctant to give up their seed.
Gareth May

Every Woman Should Have the Opportunity to Freeze Her Eggs

Apple and Facebook have begun offering their female employees the opportunity to freeze their eggs as a way to prolong their childbearing years. The rest of us should get that chance too.
Eleanor Morgan

Palestinian Political Prisoners Are Smuggling Their Sperm Out of Israeli Jails

Though many of them aren't allowed physical contact with their wives, the prisoners can still impregnate their spouses—all they need is a little creativity.
Ylenia Gostoli

Natural Insemination: Tinder for People Who Want to Get Pregnant

Natural Insemination is exactly what it sounds like—sexual intercourse that's supposed to result in pregnancy. Only instead of being the planned outcome of a relationship or the accidental result of an awkward hookup, it's facilitated by the internet...
Jak Hutchcraft