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Music Really Sucked This Weekend

Lana Del Rey tweeted, Tom Waits condemned Jack White to cell phone hell, and Nicki Minaj also tweeted.
Alex Robert Ross

Jack White and Julian Casablancas Don't Give a Shit Anymore

The Voidz' new album 'Virtue' and White's #1 record 'Boarding House Reach' are both genre-agnostic experiments that make a case for the freedom of gleeful self-indulgence.
Colin Joyce
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The "Young Blood" Jack White Thinks Rock Needs Is… Right Here

In a recent radio interview, White said he's waiting for guitar music to "explode" again. But these bands are already on it.
Lauren O'Neill
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Jack White Has Banned Phones at His Live Shows, Because Of Course He Has

"Enjoy a phone-free, 100% human experience."
Lauren O'Neill
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Jack White Makes His Comeback with Two Wild and Woolly New Songs

"Connected by Love" and "Respect Commander" are here and to be honest, they kinda rip.
Phil Witmer
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Is This New Jack White Song Even a Song? Asking for a Friend

Is "Servings and Portions from My Boarding House Reach" an album taster? Or has Jack White just decided to redefine the concept of a song?
Lauren O'Neill
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Jack White is Releasing a Limited Edition 7″ Via the Detroit Tigers

The B-side features a White interview with legendary Tigers outfielder Kirk Gibson.

Karen Elson Has Found the Shoreline

Six years after her split from Jack White—and the tabloid frenzy it fed—Elson has made her own land on 'Double Roses.'
Kim Taylor Bennett
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You Can Now Stream the White Stripes' Little-Heard Debut Show

Recorded live at Detroit's Gold Dollar on Bastille Day 1997.
Phil Witmer

Jack White Wrote His First Children’s Book

'I can tell that we are going to be friends.'
Nathaniel Ainley
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The White Stripes Are Selling Anti Trump Shirts

The red and white colour combo matches ‘Make America Great Again’ caps and every White Stripes album.
Noisey Staff

Michel Gondry Surprised Jack White with a Music Video, and It's The Sweetest

The first new White Stripes in eight years gets the perfect music video.
Beckett Mufson