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31 Things That Need to Make a Comeback in 2016

Oh snap! This 2016 list is about to raise the roof!


Hitler Madness: The Tournament to Officially Determine the Most Hitlerish Person of All Time

People are accused of being like Adolf Hitler all the time, and occasionally their behavior is at least Hitler-ish, like when they're invading countries or advocating genocide. But who in world history is the most like Hitler? Well, that...


A Five-Foot Jellyfish Landed on a Beach in Tasmania

This week, a five-foot jellyfish landed on a beach, Jay Leno retired, and congress cut roughly $8 billion worth of food-stamp funding.


Local News from the Town of Cumming, Georgia Will Never Stop Being Funny

This morning, while browsing some headlines online, I discovered the town of Cumming, Georgia. A place which generates incredible stories with titles like, "Cumming Baby Left Locked in 95-Degree Car," and "State Route 20 Widening Work Concludes in...


The Kindest Thing Jay Leno Ever Did for Me

The kindest thing Jay Leno ever did for me was call me a lesbian on network television. That's totally what I am—just a big ole tiny lesbian—and his exact phrasing was "Lesbians rule!" He yelled that on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on...


Jay Leno: New Hero of the Republican Party

Jay Leno has been called many things: a conniving opportunist, America's middle-of-the-road funnyman, and even the true heir to Johnny Carson's legacy. But in the wake of Leno's impending exit from 'The Tonight Show,' he has earned a new role as a hero...


How Jay Leno Has Bettered Our Society

Jay Leno is officially being replaced by Jimmy Fallon come 2014. So far, no one has stood up to defend the Chinned One's honor—until now. If you think Leno hasn’t made the world a better place during his 20-something-year tenure at the helm of 'The...


VICE Presents Your Guide to Movieland Homes

Come with Sean Tejaratchi on a star-studded, surprisingly intimate tour of the most glamourous estates in Tinseltown!