Prop Artist Tricks Tourists with Multimedia Mollusk Monument

Staten Island gets a memorial for the giant octopus who ate the Ferry.


Would You Trust a Guy Who Named His Band The Microphones to Name Yours?

Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum has started a band naming service that comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.


Turkish Hotel Staff Pranked Some Tourists with a Fake Terrorist Attack

One vacationer even had a mystery liquid labeled "fuel" poured over him by a guy with a crudely drawn-on beard and an improvised headdress.


Food-Pranking April Fools' Day

In the Male Chef kitchen, our goofing-off reaches an entirely different level when April Fools' Day rolls around. We wanted to share some of our most classic mealtime gags, which will have you playing with your food in no time.


Platon Records Launches With a Lurking, Creeping Minimal House Cut

Berlin-based supergroup Feathered Sun inaugurates Platon with a three-track EP.


Israelis and Palestinians Think the Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Are Boring and Futile

It seems the entire internet is extremely pessimistic about the new round of John Kerry-brokered peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. But seeing as most people online don't have a decent grasp on the situation, I decided to find out what...