Environmental Extremes

I Photographed the ‘World’s Dirtiest River’ For Eight Years. Here’s What I Saw.

Chemicals dumped into the Citarum River have penetrated wells and rice paddies, poisoning the people and animals who live along its banks.
Iqbal Kusumadirezza
3 hours ago
Ricuh Pemilu 2019

People Power? Not so Fast: Making Sense of Jakarta's Post-Election Chaos

Provocateurs, mysterious "commanders," and clashes in the streets of Central Jakarta—the protests and ensuing riots left us with more questions than answers.
Adi Renaldi

Thanks to FIFA and National Politics, Indonesian Soccer is a Giant Mess

Politics, bad business, and FIFA meddling continue to keep the world's fourth largest country from attaining a decent soccer infrastructure.
Rowan Kane
Vice Blog

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran Could Face Firing Squads as Early as Tuesday

Time appears to be running out for Australia's convicted drug smugglers on death row in Indonesia.
VICE Australia

Black Sabbath's Guitarist Wants Indonesia to Spare Australians on Death Row

Tony Iommi has written a letter to Indonesian president and metalhead Joko Widodo asking for two Australian citizens to be removed from death row.
Mark Hay

Jokowi's Motives are Being Questioned as Chan and Sukumaran Transfer for Execution

Indonesian president Joko Widodo has been accused of selectively choosing drug death statistics that have the greatest impact to serve his political aims.
Paul Gregoire

There are Continued Calls for Freedom as Villages Burn in West Papua

Two Indonesian officers were killed on January 1. Now West Papuans are collectively paying the price.
Paul Gregoire

Joko Widodo is Indonesia's Reformist President-Elect

Indonesia's reformist president-elect, Joko Widodo, already faces challenges after being declared the winner late Tuesday night. His rival, Prabowo Subianto, plans to file an appeal alleging widespread fraud in the bitterly fought race.
Jonathan Vit
Vice Blog

Earth's Largest Single Day Election Is Happening Today

With 186 million voters, 235,000 candidates, three time zones, across over 17,000 islands, it's a pretty big operation.
Cal Rednib

Joko Widodo Loves Napalm Death, Devil Horns, and Sticking Up for the Little Guy

With Indonesia’s Presidential election set for July, one man’s popularity is blowing all other candidates out of the water.
Cal Rednib