festivals 2016

We Got a Taste of "Calgary Nice" at Sled Island, an Extremely Nice Festival

Three years after the worst flood in Calgary history, the festival is healthier than ever, and the city’s close-knit music community is largely to thank.
Zach Kelly

Peaches Curated a Canadian Music Festival So She Could See All Her Favourite Artists

We talked to the electro-pop trailblazer about her picks for this year's Sled Island Music Festival in Calgary.
Jibril Yassin

5 Performers You Need to Know in 2016

You might want to get familiar with this list of up-and-coming performers because 2016 is going to be the year they break out.
Emily Kirkpatrick

Le1f: "I Don't Think I'm Any Angrier Than I was Before"

The New York CIty 'Riot Boi' discusses discrimination, the "angry black man trope," and utilizing sexuality in rap.
Mathias Rosenzweig
Objectively Correct Lists

“Pussy, Pussy, Power, Power!” Why Female Pop Anthems About Self-Love Dominated 2015

2015 was the year of self-love anthems made by and for women.

Junglepussy: "I'm Supposed to Have This Unique Story of Imperfection"

The forthright Brooklyn rapper talks self-empowerment, 'Pregnant with Success,' and why guys find her scary—and exactly how little she cares.

We Asked Rappers What They Thought About 'Empire'

"This shit is bringing back the soul in TV and I'm with it."
Lauren Schwartzberg

Scrapbook: Junglepussy Flips Through Her Old Photo Albums

Junglepussy shares a dozen worth of #tbts.
Mathias Rosenzweig
VICE Premiere

Mell Masters AKA Playboy Sunny's "Cause It's Legal"

Mell Masters is something of a young New York street legend. The kid is like Russell Crowe in <i>A Beautiful Mind</i>, if that movie was on some skating/street and music shit. Check out his new track, which he made on the most rudimentary equipment you...
the Black Out Boyz
VICE Premiere

Stream Junglepussy’s Debut of ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’

On <em>Satisfaction Guaranteed</em>, Junglepussy teaches you how to eat, date, text, and live the life of a take-no-shit power bitch, all over a set of lush, deep, and dark Shy Guy beats.
Lauren Schwartzberg