Keep Sydney Open

Keep Sydney Open

Farewell Mike Baird, Sydney Won't Forget You

We asked the city's musicians and hospitality people for some parting words.
Sean Foster
Locked out of Sydney

Rich People Think the Sydney Opera House Is too Loud and Ugly

Residents of the city's single most expensive apartment building have been lobbying politicians and even UNESCO to ban outdoor concerts.
Katherine Gillespie
Locked out of Sydney

Can We Kill Off Sydney's Lockouts Already?

Another Keep Sydney Open protest has been met with political inertia. Meanwhile, Mike Baird has backed down on the greyhound ban.
Nat Kassel
Locked out of Sydney

What Happens When a 79-Year-Old Rich Guy Reviews Sydney's Lockout Laws

Former High Court Justice Ian Callinan has released his report on Sydney's nightlife. As you'd expect he thinks Sydney is still kicking, while Kings Cross is now an "attractive and convenient place to live."
Katherine Gillespie
Locked out of Sydney

Sydney's Anti-Lockout Protesters Delivered Two Years' Worth of Anger to Parliament

Keep Sydney Open compiled 12,000 signatures and delivered them to Parliament on Thursday. Most MPs responded by not being there, save for a few glued to their phones.
Nat Kassel
thump news

After Two Years of Protest, Tomorrow Parliament Finally Debates Sydney’s Lockout Laws

If you live in Sydney, you can join the debate in person.
Locked out of Sydney

How Sydney Got Locked Out by Politics, Casinos, and Billion-Dollar Bullshit

Somehow good intentions and big money have shaped a city few of us are proud of.
Jed Smith
Locked out of Sydney

Here Comes Another Annoying Crackdown in NSW

This time it's cyclists. From Tuesday fines for minor offences will rise, including a $106 price on riding without a valid ID.
Sarah Scaife
Keep Sydney Open

How Sydney is Finally Fighting Back Against Its Club Lockout Laws

We report from the 15,000-strong rally to Keep Sydney Open.
Jules LeFevre
Noisey Blog

Thousands Have Protested Against Lockout Laws in a Keep Sydney Open Rally

People took to the streets of Sydney yesterday to let the NSW Government know that they aren't too happy with the city's controversial lock out laws.
Noisey Staff
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Sydney's Nightlife Lockout Laws Seem to Be Failing

Keep Sydney Open's Tyson Koh believes conditions in the city are actually worse because of the harsh laws.
Alexander Iadarola
Locked out of Sydney

Why Queensland Shouldn't Copy and Paste Sydney's Lockout Laws

As the Sunshine State attempts to curb violence with a lockout policy, we look at how the plan has worked out in Sydney.
Max Rann