Parents Talk About the Hardest Parts of Having Kids

“I haven’t taken a shit alone in four years.”
Graham Isador
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Rejoice, Here's a Nihilistic Love Song from PUP’s Death-Obsessed New LP

It's the first single from the Toronto punks' third studio album, 'Morbid Stuff,' due out April 5.
Alex Robert Ross
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Santa Rips Off His Beard and Yells ‘Get the Fuck Out’ After Fire Alarm Goes Off

"He came charging in, ripped his hat and beard off in front of 50-odd kids and started shouting and swearing at people to leave."
Drew Schwartz
Parental Advisory

Why Am I Lying to My Child About Santa?

I took a look at the effect this is having on her little brain.
Becca Tucker

Larry Clark Is Still Making Movies About Young People Fucking

"I've been a photographer for almost 60 years, so I know who the camera likes."
Seth Ferranti
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Wild Video Shows a Fight Club for Toddlers at a Daycare Centre

One student's mother sued the school after her four-year-old got "beaten up by his best friends" in class.
Drew Schwartz
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Kindergarten Welcomes Kids Back to School with a Professional Pole Dancer

A warm back-to-school welcome, indeed.
Drew Schwartz

'The Factory That Ate Kids,' Today's Comic by Stephen Maurice Graham

When a new factory pops up in a rundown town, locals believe it will help until kids start disappearing.
Stephen Maurice Graham
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E-Cig Companies Are Giving Out Uni Scholarships for Essays on Vaping

In what looks like the latest ploy to market vapes to teens.
Drew Schwartz
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This Insane Senior Prank Was So Good Even the Principal Was Impressed

The cops called it "one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen."
Drew Schwartz

Eight People on Why They Chose to Not Have Kids

Non-parents are pushing back against harmful, outdated stereotypes that they're selfish or immature just because they are choosing to remain childfree.
Anna Goldfarb

How to Be Nice When Your Friends Start Having Babies

A lot can go wrong when newborn babies start infiltrating your social circle.
Ewout Lowie