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North Korea Threatens to Resume Nuke Tests: "There's a Limit to Our Patience"

They claim last weekend's talks designed to kickstart stalled negotiations on denuclearization failed because the U.S. came to the table “empty-handed”


5 Reasons Trump Should Be Way More Concerned About North Korea's Submarine Missile Launch

Successfully launching a missile from a sub takes North Korea a step closer to a solid-fuel ICBM that can strike the United States.


North Korea Nuke Talks Are Restarting This Week. Experts Are Not Hopeful of a Breakthrough

Trump's former National Security Advisor John Bolton says they're futile: Kim Jong-un "will never give up the nuclear weapons voluntarily."


North Korea Is Building Its Own Bitcoin

The currency will be “more like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,” said the official in charge of North Korea’s cryptocurrency conferences.


North Korea Said It Wants to Restart Nuclear Talks. Then It Tested Two More Missiles.

North Korea's short-range arsenal doesn't cross Washington's red line, but the missiles could hit U.S. allies Japan and South Korea.


Kim Jong Un Released Pictures of the “Super Powerful” Missiles He Fired as a “Solemn Warning”

South Korea officials believe they were similar to Russia’s Iskander missiles, which fly close to the ground before dropping at a 90-degree angle on their targets to avoid being intercepted.


North Korea Reportedly Has Over 300 Public Execution Sites

A human rights group in South Korea found that offences ranging from stealing a cow to watching a South Korean TV show has got citizens killed.


Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother Was Reportedly a CIA Informant

Kim Jong Nam was assassinated on his way back from meeting with a CIA agent.


Kim Jong Un Reportedly Executed His U.S. Envoy After Failed Trump Summit

The dictator reportedly had five foreign ministry officials executed and a top aide banished to a forced labor camp.


Kim Jong Un Wants to Hang with "Famous Basketball Players" in Exchange for Nuke Deal

North Korean officials insisted Kim's request "be included in the joint statement on denuclearization.”


Kim Jong Un and Putin Are About to Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

The two world leaders could have their first meeting as early as next week.


North Korea Just Held Another Sham Election

Every five years the same party wins 100 percent of the vote.