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To Hell And Back

The Metal Albums That Are Going to Get Us Through 2019

A look at some of the metal world's most anticipated releases, plus killer new tunes from Jucifer, Devil Master, Mar, Sanhedrin, and more!
Kim Kelly

Revisiting America's Satanic Panic: When Heavy Metal and the Devil Himself Stalked the Earth

'Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Panic in the 1980s' provides a fascinating a look back at this bizarre footnote in American history, from Dungeons & Dragons to Venom.
Kim Kelly

The God of Hellfire Speaks: 73 Years Inside the Crazy World of Arthur Brown

"As a new kind of imagery, we met a lot of resistance and violence. When I appeared with flames pouring five feet above my head, wielding a Viking axe, they changed their mind!"

Why Iron Maiden Still Rules, and Heavy Metal Will Never Die

They're releasing a new double album, and you bet your ass we're excited about it.
Kim Kelly
Objectively Correct Lists

The Best Worst Non-Mustaine Megadeth Guitarists, Ranked from Lame to Lamest

MegaDON'T DO IT, Kiko Loureiro!
Kim Kelly
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014

Fun Fun Fun 2014 in Photos

The fest with the wholly accurate name, in pictures courtesy of Nathaniel Shannon
Noisey Staff
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014

The Growing and Shrinking Pains of Fun Fun Fun Fest

A report and photos from the uber-popular downtown Austin music festival.
Fred Pessaro
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014

A Series of Questions for the Two Women Who Thought They Were Seeing Modest Mouse Instead of King Diamond at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Why did you think everyone around you was wearing corpse paint?
Dan Ozzi

King Diamond Is Baaaaaaack...

After surviving triple-bypass heart surgery, the heavy metal legend will tour the US for the first time in nearly 10 years.
J Bennett