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We Asked People to Tell Us About the Worst Songs They’ve Had Sex to

Proving, once and for all, that listening to music while shagging can only ever lead to disappointment or the hospital.
Emma Garland
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Taylor Swift Probably Ghostwrote at Least One Song for Kings of Leon

The question is: Which one?
Issy Beech
Objectively Correct Lists

The Definitive History of Landfill Indie in Seven Songs, Narrated by Johnny Borrell

"The Kooks were the missing link between Razorlight and McFly."
JS Rafaeli
Noisey Blog

In An Industry Full of Jokes Here Are Some of The Music World’s Best Aprils Fools Gags

From Diamond Dave, Hollywood Elvis and Alanis Morissette’s ‘My Humps’ we take a look at the music world’s best Aprils Fools jokes.
VICE Staff
the worst things of all time

Nine Bands We'd Like To Never Headline A Festival Again

They've had their time. Let's start 2016 different to how we've started the last fifteen years.
Noisey Staff
2005 week

Popped Collars, Skinny Jeans, and The Pussycat Dolls: WTF Was Up with Fashion in 2005?

Maybe if we could see out from under our asymmetric haircuts, we'd have realized how terrible we looked.
Elizabeth Sankey
Objectively Correct Lists

The Ten Best Songs About... Erectile Dysfunction

Most musicians seem strangely reluctant to pen ditties about the modern reality of junk malfunction!?

Science Fiction Fanzines Before the Future Got Broken

The maze-like pop/counter/subculture narratives of the second half of the 20th century, arguably my chosen hobby-horse for this here existence, is as open-ended as life itself—as chaotic, and as messy. Science fiction fandom is a path in the maze.
Johan Kugelberg

Barking Irons: the Brothers Behind Kings of Leon's Bespoke Merch

Plus we've got a special code to give you 20% off all KOL's Barking Irons designs.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Redway Heats Up With "On Fire" Video

The talented Toronto lyricist is back, and this time he's brought along stunning visuals and a beat from musical prodigy, Wondagurl.
Noisey Canada Staff

I Went To The Met Gala To See How The World's Most Famous Interpreted Punk

It's pretty weird being in the eye of the red carpet storm.
Kim Taylor Bennett
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In Defense Of...Kings Of Leon

Stop pretending like you've never sang along word-for-word with their beardy Southern gold.
Oscar Rickett