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Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

La Dispute's 'Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair' is Still Perfect, Darling

Ten years on from its release, we look back at an album that remains treasured by fans, unsung by critics, and unexpectedly subversive within hardcore.
Emma Garland

Stream the Soundtrack to La Dispute's 'Tiny Dots' Documentary in Full

Listen to the original score and live performances from the documentary ahead of its release as a Record Store Day exclusive.
Noisey Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba Reviews the Emo Revival

We had the emo pioneer listen to 11 bands like Balance and Composure, Into It. Over It., The Hotelier, and La Dispute and tell us what he thought of the direction the genre has taken.
Tom Mullen

Listen to Torche, Nothing, Thou, Boris, Kylesa, and More Tackle Classic Nirvana Songs on This New Comp

'Whatever, Nevermind' is now available from Robotic Empire Records.
Kim Kelly

La Dispute Give a Guided Tour Through 'Rooms Of The House'

The band gets deep about the layered details behind the lyrics of their complex new album.
Mischa Pearlman

Listen to La Dispute's Totally Unclassifiable New Album, 'Rooms Of The House'

The Michigan five-piece is back with their most well-crafted record to date.
Dan Ozzi

La Dispute Takes Their Studio Equipment on the Road

We talked to their sound guy about getting studio sound in a tiny club.
Jonah Bayer