large-scale art


Australian Artist Covers Small Towns in Massive Photorealistic Murals

Australian muralist Guido Van Helten travels the globe to tell local stories with large-scale, photojournalism-inspired portraits.


The World's Largest Watercolor Goes on Display in Boston

Barbara Ernst Prey's gigantic painting is on view at MASS MoCA.


A Public Art Initiative Brings Diversity to Cleveland’s Rail System

Cleveland gives commuters public art, encouraging egalitarian thinking in life and art.


US High Schoolers Mural-ise Their School Parking Lot

Passing Driver’s Ed was just the stepping stone to full-blown parking space expression.


Swipe Right on These "Abstract Technical" Artworks

Pro baseball player-turned artist Mike Nesbit’s 'SWIPE' paintings use silkscreens to cover concrete panels.


Good Luck Escaping These Immersive CGI Vistas

Dive into the large format organic-mechanical worlds of Dutch artist Martijn Hage.


A Giant Head Sculpture Will Look Down On Chicago This Summer

Millennium Park is celebrating its 10th birthday by unveiling four new installations by sculptor Jaume Plensa.