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    • 9.27.12

      A Bunch of Guys Wearing Chainmail and Bashing Each Other Is a Sport

      If you don't think LARPing is a sport, these guys will cut your balls off with a sword. What isn't athletic about guys whupping each other with weapons, kicks, and punches directed at every body part except the back of the neck and knees?

    • 8.9.12

      LARP Harder

      Chaos Wars is the Christmas, Kwanza, Easter, Yom Kippur, and Boxing Day of the Belegarth calendar. This is what happens when 500 LARPers roll into Idaho looking for a fight.

    • 3.22.01

      Medieval Guys

      Sometimes living in Montréal is like living in a giant Medieval Times. Among the multitudes of dirty hippies and burnouts that congregate on the mountain every weekend, a certain subgroup stands out.