last week in art


Salvador Dalí's Alleged Daughter Gets a Date for Her DNA Test

Legal action continues after a Madrid court ordered the surrealist painter's exhumation late last month.


Chelsea Manning Is Going to Make an Art World Debut

The masks in ‘A Becoming Resemblance’ were constructed from DNA samples Manning sent to artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg from prison.


Audrey Hepburn's Awesome Ephemera Is Going Up for Auction

Treat yourself to Hepburn’s annotated script of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’


New York's New LGBTQ+ Monument Rocks and Shines

The installation by Anthony Goicolea features boulders that reflect sunlight as rainbow patterns.


Spain's New Seaside Arts Center Looks Like It Levitates

The Centro Botin is the latest building designed by famed architect Renzo Piano.


The Daily Show Actually Gave Trump Tweets Their Own Library

A pop-up exhibit and archive of POTUS tweets went up in New York City over the weekend.


Um, Leonardo DiCaprio Is Handing a $3.2M Picasso Over to the Feds

Oh, and his Marlon Brando Oscar, too.


There's a New Pride Flag in Town

A campaign launched by Philadelphia's Office of LGBT Affairs added black and brown stripes to the late Gilbert Baker’s Pride flag.


Harlem Is Finally Getting Its Hip-Hop Hall of Fame

Last week, organizers announced they had won a bid for a building and development, with plans to start construction in February 2018.


China Is Using Potato Chip Bags to Sell Bob Dylan Lyrics

Marketing gimmicks, they are a-changin'.