How the Nimbin Mardi Grass Has Changed, Thanks to Cops

When it started everyone openly smoked in the street. Now riot cops are regular attendees and most of the actual weed has gone underground.
Ruby Harris
Weed Week

Richard Di Natale Explains Why the Greens Want to Decriminalise Most Drugs

"Not only is our approach not working, it is actively harming the very people we are supposed to be helping."
Richard Di Natale

Answering Every Question You Could Possibly Have About Australia in 2016

2016 is going to be a big year of change in Australia. We've peered into the future to explain what's in store for you and everyone else.
Hannah Scholte
Question Of The Day

We Asked Random People for Unqualified Predictions About 2016

Maybe humanity will get its shit together, maybe it won't, maybe this rock we call home will keep spinning for billions of years and this year, like all other, will be essentially meaningless.
Katherine Gillespie

Britain's Premier 'Magic Mushroom Explorer' Says Shrooms Could Change the World

"We need something to shock the human psyche into real wakefulness where we're aware of the larger biosphere in which we're embedded, because we're fucking it up."
Michael Allen

Hemp Is a Superfood but Not in Australia?

Hemp is cheap, healthy, easy to grow, and carbon negative. But it still won't be in Australian supermarket anytime soon.
Nick Reid

Why Is Pot Illegal in Australia?

As in other places, marijuana users and some former law enforcement officers have called for legalization in Australia, but the country is lagging behind the US when it comes to weed reform.
Paul Gregoire

A Visit to New Zealand's Weed Museum

At the foot of New Zealand’s South Island is Dunedin. Historically a farming community, 30 percent of its population now consists of students attending the local university. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s also home to Cannabis House, the...
Max Oldfield

Is Britain Set for Its Very Own Cannabis Revolution?

While the US appears to be slowly moving toward legalizing marijuana entirely, the UK weed industry is lagging behind its Yank counterpart. Is the "green rush" going to reach the British Isles anytime soon?
Steve Sampson

Every Weed Smoker's Fantasy Is About to Come True in Uruguay

The government is set to seize control of a legalized marijuana industry, in an attempt to fight crime and improve the economy.
Joseph Cox