Lewis Hamilton


​Daniel Ricciardo's Melbourne Grand Prix Meltdown

Sometimes the universe just wants to stomp you. Aussie F1 Driver, Daniel Ricciardo, had one of those days.


​A Worryingly Deep Dive into Alan Partridge's Enduring Love Affair with Formula 1

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Alan Partridge has become a towering figure in British comedy. And while he has largely abandoned his roots as a sports reporter, Alan has remained true to his first love: Formula 1.


Allyson Felix and Lewis Hamilton Talk Speed

Allyson Felix and Lewis Hamilton are considered speed demons in their respective sports; Allyson in Track & Field, and Lewis in Formula 1.


Nico Rosberg's Triumph of Mind Over Matter

After more than 200 grands prix, Nico Rosberg is finally Formula 1 world champion. It was a heard-earned triumph that owes as much to Rosberg's mental fortitude and resilience as to his abilities behind the wheel.


Lewis Hamilton to Appear in Next Call of Duty Game

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is to become one of the stars of the next installment of the ultra-successful games franchise Call of Duty.


Lewis Hamilton's Antics Show Formula 1 Needs to Change

While Lewis Hamilton's decision to go to war with the media at Suzuka appears extreme, the world champion's Lauda joke show exactly what F1 is missing.


Lewis Hamilton Defends "Fun" Behaviour During FIA Press Conference

The Formula 1 world champion says his behaviour in Thursday's FIA drivers' press conference was "meant to be fun, not at all disrespectful."


Was Lewis Hamilton’s Malaysia Exit Sabotage or Just a Mirage?

Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton claimed “something or someone doesn’t want me to win this year” after his fiery Malaysian GP exit.


Why Lewis Hamilton Was an Unstoppable Force at British GP

Lewis Hamilton was determined to own the British Grand Prix. Adam Cooper analyzes the world champion's flawless weekend at home.


Vettel: Suicidal Seagulls Were “Worst Moment of My Race”

Sebastian Vettel encountered two seagulls on the track during the Canadian Grand Prix. "I didn't know their names, but they were there."


How Red Bull's Overthinking Robbed Ricciardo of the Monaco Grand Prix

Capitalizing on Red Bull's pitstop blunder, Lewis Hamilton drove a sensational race to take victory in the Monaco Grand Prix.


Why Aggregate Qualifying Would Be a Disaster for F1

Over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, Formula 1's qualifying-format woes reached a new level of insanity. Unfortunately, now they're now looking at a system that could be even worse.