People Tell Us About Their First Sexual Experience After Transitioning

"I thoroughly enjoyed my position in the sexual experience because plain and simple, I was the woman."
Laura Roscioli
in bloom

We’re Filming a Special Episode of ‘In Bloom’ at the Queer Ideas Festival

And we want your questions.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

More Australian Kids Than Ever Are Seeking Gender Confirmation Treatment

Experts suggest the upswing is reflective of a global trend.
Gavin Butler
Don’t Call It a recap

'The Bachelor' Presented a Really Depressing Look At the Queer Experience

Brooke’s revelation that she has had relationships with women presented an opportunity for the show to have a modern conversation about sexuality. Instead, it highlighted Australia's cracked relationship with LGBTQI+ culture.
Wendy Syfret
Know Your Rights

What Rights Do I Have at Work as a Trans Person?

The trans and gender diverse community endure some of the most discriminatory work practices in Australia. Here's what you can do.
Kamna Muddagouni
Australia Today

Police Find 27 Unsolved Murders in Sydney Probably Fuelled by Gay Hate

A new report exposes a revolting period in Sydney's history.
VICE Staff

Six People Told Us Their Favourite Things About Being Transgender

"I think that a positive indirect result of being trans or nonbinary means that you do not care what society thinks about you, and it’s such a freeing feeling."
Anna Goldfarb
marriage equality

Australia’s First Same-Sex Weddings Are Happening Today

It's January 9 and we've arrived. Finally.
VICE Staff
marriage equality

It's a YES!!! (But What Now?)

Here's your guide to what happens next.
Lee Zachariah
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What Will Happen if Australia Votes 'No'

Surprisingly, it'd be the last thing the Liberals want.
Royce Kurmelovs
The VICE Guide to the Postal Plebiscite

Boycotting the Plebiscite Isn't Protesting: it's Voting 'No'

Why a non-vote plays into the hands of people you dislike.
Royce Kurmelovs
same-sex marriage

Dear Brands, the Fight for Marriage Equality Is Past ‘Starting Conversations’

At this point Canberra just needs to legalise it.
Mitch Feltscheer