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Liberals Consider Offering Cheap RM Williams and Coopers to Boost Numbers

An oustanding case of life imitating The Betoota Advocate.
Gavin Butler
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Victorian Liberals Vow to Shut Richmond's Safe Injecting Room if Elected

"I will not keep a trial with ice addicts next door to a primary school,'' the Opposition leader said.
VICE Staff
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Is Peter Dutton the Steven Bradbury of Australian Politics?

If the Minister for Home Affairs can actually seize Malcolm Turnbull's job, he's either a genius or the luckiest guy who's ever come to Canberra.
Maddison Connaughton
Australia Today

Tasmania’s Government Wants To Relax Gun Laws

"It will take Tasmania back to the days where we had a reputation as the shooting capital of Australia.”
Wendy Syfret
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Tony Abbott Was Ridiculous Yesterday

The Onion-eater made a huge fuss during the marriage equality debate, then didn’t even stick around for the vote.
Katherine Gillespie

Is Cory Bernardi About to Start His Own Political Party?

His site looks like something for a US airline, but apparently it's proof Cory is ditching the Libs and about to go rogue.
Katherine Gillespie
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Turnbull Missed His Own Deadline to Draft a Marriage Equality Plebiscite Bill

It's looking very unlikely same-sex marriage will be legalised in Australia in 2016.
VICE Staff

Everything and Everyone You Should Know in Turnbull's New Ministry

​Australia has a new front bench. Although it looks almost exactly like the old front bench, some very important changes have been made.
Lee Zachariah

The Ex-Director of the Victorian Liberals Stole $1.5 Million and Is Going to Jail

Damien Mantach set up a fake business to bill the party for fake services. He was sentenced to five years' prison.
Scott Renton

​Malcolm Turnbull Spent $1 Million of His Own Money on the Election

This, according to allegations from The Australian, indicates the Liberal Party is virtually broke.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Guest List for Cory Bernardi's Very Boring Sounding Conservative Party

So it looks like Cory is carving out his own conservative party. Who's invited?
Scott Limbrick

We Spent a Dull Evening at the Liberal Party Election Night Function

A fairly low-key election culminated with a very low-key night the Sydney Sofitel. All the Liberal big shots were there, somewhere, except Turnbull.
Lee Zachariah