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in memoriam: anthony bourdain

One Last Piece of Life Advice from Anthony Bourdain

Listening back through my tapes from interviewing Bourdain in 2016, I found a gem.
Phillip Dmochowski

How Not to Be a Dick On Valentine's Day

Single, BF, GF – it doesn't matter, Valentine's is full of pitfalls.
Robert Foster

Here’s Some Advice on Nailing That First Year After High School

We asked influential people what they'd recommend.
Maggie Coggan
Life Advice

Talking About Sex and War with a 102-Year-Old

"I prefer younger men – the old ones are no fun. But I haven't actually wanted a boyfriend for ages. It would be such a burden to be in a relationship at my age."
Tim Geyer

The Definitive Differences Between Real Writers and Fucking Fakes

Do: be depressed as fuck. Don't: accept edits.
Issy Beech
Isabelle Hellyer

How to Get Your Own Way

According to a hypnotherapist, a hostage negotiator and a barrister.
Amy Walker
The VICE Guide to Right Now

ClickHole Is Giving Out Life Advice If You're Searching for Guidance Today

It's kind of like today is Connie Corleone's wedding day so the Don will grant you wishes, but instead of the Godfather pulling some strings in Hollywood for you, it's ClickHole sharing the best way for you to quiet down your whiny cat.
River Donaghey
Teen Time!

We Had a Teen Interview His Dad, a House Music Expert, About the New Disclosure Song

In the latest edition of Noisey's Teen Time!, our teen gets a lesson in music and life.
Eli Zeger

25 Things You Should Start Doing Now That You’re 25

Here's how to grow up without being a dick about it.
VICE Staff

An Amsterdam Sex Blogger's Advice for First-Time Johns

Since last September, notices have started to appear in the windows of Amsterdam’s brothels. They detail what does and doesn't constitute appropriate behavior once they're inside. But we know you're not going to read them.
Lange Niezel

The VICE Guide to Fat People

Life's not always a peach for the rotund. Sometimes, it's pretty damn shitty. So, for all you First World fatties, here are some gems of advice to help you through your significantly shortened lives.
VICE Staff