Life Lessons


Parents Tell Us the Shit They Wish They Knew Before They Had a Kid

Don’t let the multi-billion-dollar parent-industrial complex get ya.


Talking About Sex and War with a 102-Year-Old

"I prefer younger men – the old ones are no fun. But I haven't actually wanted a boyfriend for ages. It would be such a burden to be in a relationship at my age."


A Suburban Backyard Shed Is the Only Place to Learn How to Play AC/DC

I headed to northern Brisbane to learn the basics of "Dirty Deeds" from Mad Macka of the Cosmic Psychos.


How to Be a Better Person, According to Kanye West

"Yeezy taught me."


How 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is a Survival Guide for 2017

"No piece of anti-consumer dissent is as eloquent and comical as Larry ordering at Starbucks: 'I'll have a vanilla… one of the vanilla bullshit things.'"


What Driving a Cab Teaches You About Life

Four Melbourne drivers share their philosophy on blame, secrets, and the fine art of slowing down.


Andrew W.K. on Life, Love, and Pushing the Limits

The Party King has covered a lot of ground in his VICE column.


An Australian Explains Why London Is the Worst City on Earth

People say "London" in the same sentence as "New York, Paris, Tokyo." This is wrong.


Andrew W.K. on Encouragement

And how faking it can be just as good.


Victor Oladipo Dunks All Over Misguided Youth

This kid thought he could stop Victor Oladipo from dunking. A clear mistake.


Watch a Young Basketball Player Learn About Life

Learning life lessons from a shitty-ass plastic basketball hoop.


Age Ain't Nothing But A Number: Old People Give Us Life Lessons

How has life changed over the last century in Britain? We visited the homes of the people who lived through it all and asked them what we can learn.