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How the Protests Are Changing Hong Kong Couples’ Relationships

Young Hong Kong couples protesting at the frontlines together share how the past months have affected their love lives.


Vegan Says That She's 'Poisoned for Life' After Accidentally Being Served Sausage Roll

Sharleen Ndugo says that she's never returning to Greggs, not after being "traumatized for life" by a mixup with her order.


I Love to Poop in a Home Depot Bucket: A Day in #Vanlife Paradise

The sprawling vistas on Instagram are real. So are mosquitoes, warm beer, and having to bathe nude in public.


Hostel Managers Tell Us Their Worst Backpacker Stories

"He crapped himself while crawling up the stairs, then slid over in it, then picked it up and carried it back to his room."


Western Australia Is Lonely Planet’s Best Place to Visit in the Asia Pacific

Other top contenders include New Zealand, Japan, and Fiji.


We Asked Leaf Blower Guys if They Know How Annoying They Are

"Nah I don’t think I’m annoying at all."


Man with 'I Love Ket' Bumper Sticker Caught with Ketamine

As well as 300 ecstasy pills.


Depressed People See the World More Realistically

And happy people just might be slightly delusional.


How Many Oysters Does it Take to Get Horny: An Investigation

Turns out if I ate over a certain amount, I got very, very horny.


This Smartphone Airbag Automatically Protects Your Phone When You Drop It

The design was a thesis project for a German engineering student.


'Subtle Asian Traits' Holds Up a Mirror to Asian Australians Like Me

A Facebook page doesn't get 1.4 million followers in 10 months for nothing.


An Open Letter to the Person Who Gave Me HIV

Every time I tell someone I’m positive, I think of you. Not in anger, or resentment, but of the things about you that make me smile.