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Idaho's Treefort Is Better Than the Mega-Festivals

Why I traveled all the way from Australia to Boise, Idaho in a time when the lineups for most music festivals all seem the same.
Shaad D’Souza

I'm a 26-Year-Old Black Woman and I Love Dave Matthews Band

I'm not what people think of when they envision a typical fan of the band that could be considered the epitome of "white people music," and this is my story.
Char Adams
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Hologram Concerts Don't Suck, You're Just a Hater

I went to see hologram Roy Orbison in concert because why the hell not?
Eve Peyser
Pity Party

I'm Getting Old, So I Loved Robert Smith's Introspective Meltdown Festival

Not going to lie... my inner Music Dad was delighted.
Lauren O'Neill
coachella 2018

The Worst People at Coachella, According to People at Coachella

We ventured into the scantily-clad wilderness to hear from festgoers themselves about whom is the one to harsh their mellow.
Andrea Domanick
Australia Today

Iconic Melbourne Venue Cherry Bar Is Going to Ban Phones at Gigs

A quick snap will be "tolerated." Filming will not.
VICE Staff

Live Shows Were Killing My Love for Music

How taking a year off from late nights, loud bands, spilled beer, and forced conversations made me a better music fan.
Chris Krovatin
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Lana Del Rey Isn't Trying to Be Perfect

Her first live show since releasing 'Lust for Life' summed up the album's willingness to relax, mess up and find happiness.
Tshepo Mokoena
Noisey News

Victorian Gov Promises Funding to Sexual Assault Prevention at Live Music Venues

A pilot program addressing sexual assault prevention will be rolled out across a selection of Victorian venues.
Noisey Staff

In Virtual Reality, a Condemned LA Punk Venue Becomes Immortal

This VR film will take you to a show at The Smell, complete with crowd surfing.
Beverly Bryan

Elizabeth Peyton and Marching Church Put the Pain Back in Painting

Inside: proof that painting, classical music, and rock 'n' roll aren't dead.
Beckett Mufson
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Has FKA twigs Created the Boldest Live Show in the World Right Now?

Seriously, watch this from beginning to end.
Daisy Jones