Longreads Or Whatever

Longreads Or Whatever

Megadrive to Mega Hit: Why Video Games Are So Tied to Club Music

From 'Wip3out' to The Black Madonna premiering a track in 'GTA V,' this is the story of how software and hardware linked electronic music to gaming.
Mat Ombler
Longreads Or Whatever

Catch Up on Some of Noisey’s Best Longreads

From West Coast rappers to mysterious Detroit hardcore bands, here are our favorite stories of the year so far. For your reading pleasure.
Noisey Staff

The Drill and Knife Crime Story Is a Classic Chicken-and-Egg Dilemma

When it comes to the London-based offshoot of the genre, unpicking the links between violent music and real world violence is harder than ever.
Dan Hancox
Longreads Or Whatever

The Story of Rexy, Two 80s Blitz Kids Who Made One Cult Album

It’s been over 30 years since they put out ‘Running Out of Time’, but their new romantic, outsider legacy lives on.
Daisy Jones
Longreads Or Whatever

Breakdancing Through Japan

A few days in Japan at the Red Bull BC One Championship, the individual B-Boy equivalent of the World Cup.
Jeff Weiss
Longreads Or Whatever

What Happens When South Africa’s Gqom Underground Goes Global?

Disenfranchised kids and a desire to dance gave birth to the broken beats of gqom, but with the genre's ascent came drugs and major label cash-ins. We explore what's next for the scene.
Sihle Mthembu
Longreads Or Whatever

The Women Who Taught Me How to Own My Body

How bands like Jack Off Jill and Queenadreena took self-hate and sexuality and spun them into something powerful.
Emma Garland
Longreads Or Whatever

Peering into the Abyss with Ryan Adams

We join the newly-divorced singer in LA to dissect his 16th LP 'Prisoner,' but wind up discussing loneliness, black holes, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.
Eve Barlow
Longreads Or Whatever

How Music Is Keeping People from Going Back to Prison

An expanding California arts program is proven to cut recidivism and save prisons money. Can it be a new model for prison reform?
Andrea Domanick
Longreads Or Whatever

On the Run: The Temper Trap's Dougy Mandagi Is Still Searching

We join the band on the brink of disaster in Bali and find the legacy of Dougy's fractured childhood still cuts deep.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Longreads Or Whatever

Billy Joe Shaver: The Last Outlaw in Country Music

On this new album, his first in six years, Shaver sings about getting old, boozing, and being a perennial outsider.
Longreads Or Whatever

Paradise Rebooted: Unpacking the Role of Music in Charlie Brooker's 'San Junipero'

How trashy pop music and visceral nostalgia helped define the era, environment, and atmosphere of 2016's greatest love story.
Emma Garland