Lucy McRae


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Sci Fi Artist Lucy McRae Uses Her Art to Predict the Future

"I like to use the gallery as a usability test where the audience members become the testees."


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Meet the self-described science fiction artist who eventually wants to go to space.


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In 'The Institute of Isolation,' Lucy Mcrae ponders how we might prepare and change the body's physiology to better suit it to life beyond the earth.


Lucy McRae Explores Space Prep Through Art

Findings from Lucy Mcrae's 'Prep your Body for Space' experiment may have practical medical applications in the real world.


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It’s more complicated than you can probably conceive.


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Local art/science wonder child Lucy McRae created the band's new clip, complete with clones and synthetic biology references.


For Their Newest Video, Architecture in Helsinki Creates Pop Clones, Dreams A Little Crazy

We talk with the team behind the video's 'Biological Bakery,' a DIY bio–fabrication laboratory accompanied by cloned assistants.


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