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Despite PETA's Best Efforts, Fur Is Back in Fashion

For years animal rights advocates persuaded the public that fur was murder—but a growing number of designers have embraced the controversial material.
Erica Euse

Prison Culture, Techno-Immortality, and Dolly Parton: The Inspirations Behind the Looks of NYFW

Almost every fashion show has some kind of historical reference or allusion-based theme underpinning it. We took a deeper look at some of these concepts that were presented on the runways during New York Fashion Week.
Erica Euse and Wilbert L. Cooper

Lumberjack Chic Is Finally Played Out

After several years of Americana and heritage inspired clothes dominating menswear, designers have set aside their lumberjack plaids in favor of an aesthetic that's filled with the promise of the future.
Jeremy Lewis

Eckhaus Latta Is Infecting Fashion with Sublime Weirdness

We spoke with the duo behind cult-favorite label about its rising success and penchant for sharp irreverence in anticipation of its fall/winter 2015 New York Fashion Week presentation.
Jesse Miller-Gordon
Vice Blog

MADE Fashion Week Makes Fashion Week

MADE is a resourceful outlet for the fashion industry's in-between. And it's all-inclusive, forward-thinking mantra is challenging New York's existing fashion week paradigm.
Jesse Miller-Gordon

Old at Fashion Week

This fashion week, we brought our good friend Dottie along. Dottie just turned 70, so she's not too cool to ask obviously important but regularly ignored questions like "Why are the models so thin?" And "Why does that snuggie cost more than a Fabergé...
VICE Staff