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The Final Sermon of Childish Gambino

Donald Glover brought his Childish Gambino act to Madison Square Garden for what he claimed was the last time. It was a weirdly religious experience.
Kristin Corry
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Billy Joel Doesn't Know Why More People Aren't Cracking Nazi Skulls

"Those creeps are going to march through the streets of my country?" he asked David Marchese. "Uh-uh."
Alex Robert Ross
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James Murphy Basically Said LCD Soundsystem Split Up For Ticket Sales

He made the comments in a new interview with the 'New York Times'
Lauren O'Neill

Charles Oakley is Now Apparently Banned From MSG For Life

Owner James Dolan and his MSG staff have begun an outright PR assault on the former Knicks star.
Liam Daniel Pierce

How MMA Finally Made Its Way to Madison Square Garden

The wild road from shame to celebration.
Josh Rosenblatt

The UFC's Debut in New York City is Short on New Yorkers

UFC 205 has lost another New York born fighter, and is still without a main event. Now, the long-awaited card is becoming eerily reminiscent of July's bad-luck-plagued UFC 200. Can it be saved?
Tom Taylor
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Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour Is the Best Concert of All Time

“Twenty years from now, 30 years from now, if y’all are still alive, I want y’all to remember this night, this moment,” Kanye said. And surely we will.
Kyle Kramer
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Watch Radiohead Play "Let Down" Live For the First Time in a Decade

What is going on Radiohead? Who are you now? Who am I now? How did we get here?
Noisey Staff

Making True Sadness Sound Happy: An Interview with The Avett Brothers

Remarkably, after 16 years in the game and the kind of success that sees them sell out arenas, The Avett Brothers want to expose everything. For them, honesty is paramount.
Mischa Pearlman

UFC Comes to Madison Square Garden on November 12

Aanu Adeoye
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Death and Glory in the Garden: Iron Maiden Proved Heavy Metal Is Alive and Well in New York City

The best heavy metal band in the world played New York City's most hallowed venue last night, and it was absolutely incredible.
Kim Kelly

Jon Jones Is Poised to Claim Madison Square Garden’s Main Event

After a controversial 2015, there is more interest in Jon Jones than ever. Should he beat Daniel Cormier to reclaim his title at UFC 197, it would be hard to deny the native New Yorker the MSG main event.
Peter Carroll