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A Woman in China Tried to Cure Her Cancer by Swallowing Maggots

When she checked back into hospital, doctors thought the woman's cancer might have relapsed—until they found her intestines riddled with fly larvae.
Gavin Butler

Watch 10,000 Maggots Scarf Down a Pizza in Two Hours

Black soldier flies are the Joey Chestnuts of the larvae world.
Becky Ferreira
Australia Today

An Aussie Researcher Insists Maggots Are the Best Way to Heal Wounds

Got an infected scab? Try letting fly larvae eat away the dead flesh.
Gavin Butler

I Ate Sardinia's Live-Maggot-Infested Cheese

Casu marzu is often a happy accident that results when a fly lays her eggs before the cheese rind is fully formed. It's also illegal.
Elizabeth Heath
Australia Today

KFC Comes With Free Maggots Now

A guy in NSW said he found the maggots after taking a bite and thinking it tasted like tinfoil.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

Millions of Maggots Have Washed Up on Sydney's Northern Beaches

“It was disgusting—this moving carpet of white maggots."
VICE Staff
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Romanian Hospital Update: A Doctor Filmed Maggots Crawling Out of a Patient's Wounds

The Romanian Health Minister did not hesitate to accuse the hospital's management of negligence: "This is unacceptable. (...) surely someone could have taken some time out of their lunch break to put up a mosquito net," he said.
VICE Romania

This Is Why the UK Loves Slipknot, According to Slipknot

"I hold England responsible for everything that has happened to us."
Teen Rites

What I Learned from Growing Up Nu Metal in British Suburbia

Say what you will about nu metal—to kids trapped in nondescript suburbia, futuristic angsty metal with both screaming and rapping makes total sense.
Kate Hutchinson

Your Brain’s Reaction to Gross Stuff Predicts How You Vote

According to ​scientists at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, there's a strong link between personality traits like being disgusted by maggots and voting Republican.
Joel Golby
Thinkpieces And Shit

How The Hell Are Slipknot So Successful?

Seven dudes whose personal brand includes severed goat heads, pentagrams, and a 666 sign on fire are on the verge of their second number one album.
Emma Garland

An Interview with a Maggot and His Dad at a Slipknot Show

An Interview with a Maggot and His Dad at a Slipknot Show
John Liam Policastro