'Residency,' Today's Comic by Mark Wang

After getting shipwrecked, a magical man questions his ability to create.
Mark Wang

Carleton University Is Looking for a Magic Studies Professor

The school recently opened applications for a new chair of “conjuring arts.”
Neil McArthur
mental health

Is an Urban Legend About Meteors Causing People to Kill Themselves In Indonesia?

The myth of the pulung gantung still holds a powerful, and deadly, sway over the people of Gunung Kidul.
Shinta Maharani
The VICE Guide to Right Now

David Copperfield Accused of Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Teen Model

Brittney Lewis said the magician invited her to a show when she was 17 and then slipped something in her drink before attacking her.
Drew Schwartz

The Victorian Occultist Accused of Killing Men With Her Mind

Pioneering feminist and animal rights campaigner Anna Kingsford was one of the 19th century's most remarkable women. Then she was charged with using black magic to murder two vivisectionists.
Dee Cunning

You Can Buy the Spirits of Dead Children on eBay

Meet the people who sell "haunted dolls" on the platform.
Luke Winkie

The Film Shedding Light on the Modern-Day Witch Hunts in Zambia

Rungano Nyoni’s debut film, "I Am Not A Witch," was the talk of Cannes. She explains how she used satire to depict the struggles of a child accused of witchcraft.
Sirin Kale
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The UN Will Hold Its First Meeting to Discuss Witchcraft-Related Violence

Every year, thousands of people are accused of witchcraft and face persecution, abuse, and even death. Now the United Nations is organizing to defend victims of witch hunts.
Caroline Kent
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Magical Group Show Puts the "Art" in "Dark Arts"

'Season of the Witch' will make you believe.
Beverly Bryan
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We Asked Witches How They Feel About People Using the Term ‘Witch Hunt’

"I get distressed because I think people don’t understand the history"
Manisha Krishnan
City of the Seekers

About the Selfie That Destroyed $200,000 Worth of Art...

What began as a one-month-long art installation has become a viral backdrop for thousands of selfie-lovers, culminating in a cautionary tale and a hefty dose of schadenfreude.
Tanja M. Laden
City of the Seekers

Fear and Family Inspire Art Exploring the African Diaspora

Meet the latest name to be added to LA’s legacy of African American artists.
Tanja M. Laden