Majid Jordan

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Watch Pretty People Argue Sensually in Dress Shirts for Majid Jordan's "Make It Work" Video

It's sexy but in like, a cool and detached way, bro.
Phil Witmer
Objectively Correct Lists

26 Extremely Dope Overlooked Albums of 2016 (So Far)

There's more to life than Kanye West, or Drake, or even—hear us out—Beyoncé. This has been a year of great music, and some extremely dope albums have slipped under the radar.
Noisey Staff

Drake’s Secret Weapon, Majid Jordan Take You Inside Toronto's Musical Golden Age

Ahead of a North American tour, the duo discuss listening to music while driving, working with Drizzy and their on point hair game.
Courtney DeWitt
Holy Shit

Fall in Love with Love and Yourself for Majid Jordan's New Video "Learn From Each Other"

This video has a lot of singing but very little learning.
Byron Yan
This Week In Drake

Is OVO Sound a Hip-Hop Label or Drake's Personal Hit Factory?

OVO Sound is excellent at the business of making Drake albums, but not yet the no-brainer star-making force up North it could be.
Craig Jenkins
Holy Shit

Peer Into Icy Detachment with Majid Jordan's Video for "King City"

The song is not about the township just north of Toronto.
Slava Pastuk
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Majid Jordan Discuss Living in Tents in The Studio With Drake and Their New Album

Toronto R&B duo talks about Drake, "Hold On, We're Going Home" and living in the studio.
Noisey Canada Staff
Holy Shit

The Sex Is Literally on Fire in Majid Jordan's New Video "Something About You"

Holy shit, this video is hot.
Byron Yan
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Who is dvsn, the Vocalist Behind Nineteen85's Project?

No, it's not Nineteen85.
Slava Pastuk
Holy Shit

Majid Jordan Get Drake to Tag Along in Their Multi-Colored Fantasy for "My Love"

The OVO boys really like to stand inside rocking outerwear for their new video.
Jabbari Weekes

An Insider's Look In: Examining the Real Value of Toronto's Rap Scene

Who are the real gatekeepers of Toronto, and why aren't they supporting urban music?
Ian Kamau

Despite Drake, Toronto's Hip-Hop Scene Largely Remains the Same

It's not easier for a young rapper to break out into the mainstream now than it was ten years ago, the only difference is that there's a new institution.
Slava Pastuk