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Malindo Air Crew Have Been Smuggling Drugs into Australia for Years, Police Allege

Investigators believe the Malaysian airline's attendants may have smuggled in at least $21 million worth of drugs over five years.
Gavin Butler
a day ago

In Singapore, Sharing 'Fake News' Can Get You Sued By the Prime Minister

The latest battle over free speech is about an article shared, without comment, by a columnist with a long history of criticizing the government.
Nisa Kreems
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Sharia Court Canes Lesbian Couple as Malaysia Slides Toward Wider Anti-LGBTQ Crackdown

Authorites struck two women with a rattan cane six times each in the first such punishment for women accused of engaging in lesbian sex.
VICE Staff

Appreciating the Amazingly Tacky Aesthetics of 80s East Asian Pop Cassettes

Rediscovering the pastel-hued albums of yesterday.
Adi Renaldi

Former Malaysian Pm Charged With Stealing $700 Million to Fund Homes, Jewellery and 'the Wolf of Wall Street'

American prosecutors allege $4.5 billion was laundered and at least $730 million went directly into Najib’s pocket.
David Gilbert

How a $219,000 Handbag Helped Take Down a Prime Minister in Malaysia

For many voters, few things symbolized the corruption and greed at the heart of ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak's ruling coalition better than his wife's Birkin bags.
Lee Lian Kong

Malaysian Men Have a Dangerous Obsession with a Coffee That Gives Them Erections

Some hard facts about a growing problem.
Lee Lian Kong
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Leaked Video Shows Kim Jong Nam's Final Few Moments Alive

The airport security camera footage was first broadcast on Japan's Fuji Television.
VICE Staff
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Muslim Groups are Boycotting Starbucks Over Its Stand for LGBT Rights

Islamic organizations in Indonesia and Malaysia are calling for a boycott the US coffee company after reading about its support for same-sex marriage in an article published in 2013.
Claire Molloy

Malaysia Just Outlawed the Sale of the World's Deadliest Fish

The poison found in a single pufferfish could kill 30 people.
VICE Staff
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'Dumb and Dumber To' Was Funded with Stolen Money, Feds Say

After an investigation found millions in embezzled cash had made its way to Hollywood, the Department of Justice is looking to get it back.
Drew Schwartz
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'Future Richest Man in the World' Arrested in Indonesia Over Bizarre Ponzi Scheme Plot

The story of Zhang Jian, a flamboyant fugitive who made a fortune by selling his own currency and other get rich quick schemes.
VICE Staff