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Trial Begins for Canadian Horror Writer Accused of Torturing and Killing His Girlfriend

A prosecutor accused Blake Leibel of following the storyline of one of his graphic novels in carrying out the heinous crime.


Lil Tay's Mom Got Busted Using Her Boss's Car for an Instagram Video

Angela Tian recently resigned from her real estate job.


The Canadian Who Murdered Six Muslim Men Says He’s Not Islamophobic

Alexandre Bissonnette fatally shot six men during evening prayers.


Canadian Coke Smuggler Tells Court She Was Recruited by Her Sugar Daddy

She also said she did it for social media “likes.”


Alleged Serial Killer Had a Young Man Tied to His Bed When Arrested, Cops Say

Toronto police believe Bruce McArthur killed five men and dumped their remains in planters at job sites where he worked as a landscaper.


Toronto Billionaires Were Likely Murdered by Contract Killers: Report

Police says the Shermans’ deaths are “suspicious” but have yet to announce any of their own conclusions.


A Canadian Politician Wants To Expand The Criminal Definition of Bestiality

Currently, only penetration between an animal and human is considered bestiality.


We Asked People The Story Behind Their Embarrassing First Email Address

In retrospect, maybe wasn’t a good look.


Inside the Shady World of a Canadian Illegal Weed Dispensary Chain

Arrests, moldy weed, Hells Angels, and fat stacks of cash. How one national chain is allegedly exploiting its young workers.