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Would You Pay $600 for Sharon Tate’s 51-Year-Old False Eyelashes?

The actress’s makeup, clothes, books, and “film ephemera” are up for auction, accompanied by a truly terrifying YouTube beauty tutorial.


I Wrote to Charles Manson and Got This Drawing in Response

In the late 1980s, Rocco Casella wrote to the serial killer and members of his "Family." This is what he got back.


Are Women More Susceptible to Cults?

'The Girls' explores the phenomenon of young women opting out of society for cult-like groups such as the Manson Family.


One of the 'Manson Girls' Just Got Approved for Parole

Leslie Van Houten, 68, has been OK'd for parole, but the final decision on her release comes down to California governor Jerry Brown.


Charles Manson Is in the Hospital and 'Seriously Ill'

The 82-year-old has been removed from his California prison and hospitalized.


Vincent Bugliosi, the Beast of a Prosecutor Who Took Down Charles Manson, Is Dead

The man who put one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century behind bars passed away this weekend at the age of 80.


A Handy Guide to Everything Interesting in Los Angeles

Finally, the first ever comprehensive map of genuinely interesting things in Los Angeles. It's been carefully researched and had the boring parts sifted out. What's left is your guide to 100 years of this city's rich history.


The Blurring of Fact and Imagination in 'Sway'

Sway, by Zachary Lazar, is a swirling and episodic novel that incorporates the Rolling Stones circa 1969, the avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger, and Manson Family associate Bobby Beausoleil in a dizzying but effective exploration of the rise...