Manus Island


The Manus Island Detention Centre is Nearly Empty

There are just six asylum seekers and refugees left in the controversial offshore processing facility, with most of them being transferred to Port Moresby.


Asylum Seeker Who Set Fire to Himself on Manus Island Will Be Charged with Attempted Suicide

The 30-year-old man is also facing charges of arson, which could see him going to prison for life.


A Refugee on Manus Island has Set Himself on Fire

Sources claim there have been more than 70 suicide or self-harm incidents at the detention centre since the Australian federal election on May 18th.


Refugees on Manus Island are Still Attempting Suicide Following the Australian Election

More than 20 detainees have self-harmed within the past two weeks, in what has been described as an "unprecedented medical crisis".


At Least Four People on Manus Island Attempted Suicide after the Australian Election

The coalition government's shock win on Saturday night appears to have triggered a spate of attempted suicides in Australia's offshore detention centres.


Australia Wants to Help Turn Manus Island Into a Tourist Hotspot

White sandy beaches, friendly locals, offshore detention centres.


Is Peter Dutton the Steven Bradbury of Australian Politics?

If the Minister for Home Affairs can actually seize Malcolm Turnbull's job, he's either a genius or the luckiest guy who's ever come to Canberra.


Barnaby Joyce Tells New Zealand to “Stay Away” From Manus

Our Deputy PM would really like Jacinda Ardern to back off.


Australia Tells Nauru Refugees to Separate From Their Families

To increase their chances of US immigration, detainees are being encouraged to cut ties with their spouses and children forever.


Priest Chains Himself to the Gates of Kirribilli House to Protest Manus

Father Rod Bower is locked onto Malcolm Turnbull's house, calling for the PM to "close Nauru and Manus."


Footage Emerges of PNG Guards Beating Manus Detainees With Iron Bars

The video was shot yesterday, when PNG police stormed the former Australian detention centre.


Manus Blockade at Breaking Point as PNG Police Allegedly Attack Detainees

Peter Dutton has confirmed a "police operation" is underway inside the controversial detention centre.