Hitler, Bin Laden and Mussolini: Analysing the Poetry of History's Most Evil People

Apparently iron fists and tender souls aren't mutually exclusive.


China’s Last Communist Village

Nanjie used to be a shining example of communism at work. Today, it's a fading time capsule where young Chinese nationals can indulge their 'Maostalgia.'


Here’s Your Chance to Buy the Rare Warhol You’ve Always Wanted

First edition originals of Mao, Mick Jagger, Campbell's Soup cans, and, of course, Marilyn Monroe, come to '#WarholOnWaltonStreet,' a new show at Andipa Gallery.


Red School

​VICE China heads to Sitong Village to visit the People's Primary School—where kids learn reading, writing, and the wonders of Communism.


Chinese Street Artist Zhang Dali Evolves in New York

"I stopped spray-painting the Beijing streets in 2006," says Zhang, China's best-known graffiti artist. "Graffiti is the fashion in China these days and has lost its meaning as protest." Still, his new show in Manhattan is drawing plenty of die-hards...


Hitler Madness: The Tournament to Officially Determine the Most Hitlerish Person of All Time

People are accused of being like Adolf Hitler all the time, and occasionally their behavior is at least Hitler-ish, like when they're invading countries or advocating genocide. But who in world history is the most like Hitler? Well, that...


Frosted Dic Cakes

Photos by Henry Hargreaves, cakes by Amirah Kassem.