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James Comey

Congress's 11 Most Spineless Reactions to Trump Firing the FBI Director

These politicians are totally fine with the president getting rid of the guy investigating him.
Eve Peyser
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Welp, Donald Trump Is Lashing out at Snoop Dogg Now

Monday's video for "Lavender" really irked the commander-in-chief. Now, bring out the GOP bobbleheads.
Alex Robert Ross

'House of Cards' Has Nothing on the Insanity of the 2016 Campaign

Laws actually get passed? Diplomacy works? No bragging onstage about dick size? This really is fiction.
Lincoln Michel

Tonight's Debate Really Is the GOP's Last Chance to Take Down Donald Trump

The billionaire frontrunner will be surrounded by his remaining primary rivals in Florida tonight, perhaps for the last time.
John Surico
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Let Marco Rubio Listen to EDM in Peace

CNN’s Anderson Cooper teased Rubio about having never been to a rave.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Marco Rubio Is "Really Interested" in EDM

But we thought the Republican hopeful was into West coast hip-hop.
Anna Codrea-Rado

666 Pennsylvania Avenue: How Will Your Vote Affect the Future of Metal?

We predicted each candidate's probable effects on popular music, from a Rubio hip-hop explosion to a Clinton anarcho-punk wave.
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EDM Loving Senator Marco Rubio Slapped With Cease and Desist by DJ Axwell

The Florida Republican is looking for "Something New" to play at his rallies.
THUMP Canada Staff

The Worst Campaign Merchandise You Could Have Bought on Cyber Monday

If you needed more evidence that campaign merchandise is generally terrible and dumb, look no further than the Jeb! Bush "Guaca Bowle."
Drew Millard
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Republican Presidential Hopeful Marco Rubio Apparently Likes Dance Music

He can also explain that contemporary music uses samples.
Alexander Iadarola
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Donald Trump Would Probably Be Fine with Creating a Database of Muslims

The things that come out of Trump's mouth shouldn't surprise us anymore. And yet somehow, he manages to find a way.
Brian McManus

We Can't Let America Give in to Islamophobia

Paris is deeply associated with love, but after the horrific attacks of last week, which left 129 people dead, too many are trying to use the city to fill us with hate.