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Objectively Correct Lists

“Pussy, Pussy, Power, Power!” Why Female Pop Anthems About Self-Love Dominated 2015

2015 was the year of self-love anthems made by and for women.
International Women's Day 2016

Ten Ways Charli XCX's BBC Documentary About Feminism Totally Slayed

How cool is it to see an actual woman on actual TV reframing the narrative and talking about how it's a good thing to be considered intimidating?
Emma Garland

MS MR on their Glitch Pop Fundamentals

“We’ll never get rid of the darkness and inner turmoil, but I think we’ve sort of turned that notion on its head.”
Kathryn Kyte

Marina and the Diamonds: "I Conquered a Fear About Who I Was and What I Was Capable of"

We talk music, feminism, rape culture, self-esteem, and going it alone.
Kim Taylor Bennett
staff picks and good shit

Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of April 3

Here's what the Noisey editors were listening to this week while thinking about how generally amazing The Rock is.
Noisey Staff
SXSW 2015

SXSW with Tan Camera Shooting Lolawolf, MS MR, Astr, Marina and the Diamonds, Shamir, and More

HD takes the romance out of everything. Let's keep it hazy.
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do So Many British Artists Make A “Breaking America” Video?

Why don't you love us America? What can we dooooo?
Emma Garland

Most Wanted: Sorellina

A chat with the Brooklyn-based sisters whose jewelry has been spotted on Florence Welch, Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding, and more.
Adam Mignanelli

Marina and the Diamonds on Mullets, Mouse Sweaters, and Dressing Like a Cynical Britney Spears

Last time I met Marina we stacked ice cream cones on my nose…